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Marketing a technology business might seem like black magic – it doesn’t have to be

Charlie Whyman Specialist Speaker in Sales and Marketing for Technology Companies

Keynote Talks

For audiences that want more sales and customers from their marketing efforts and want to hear from someone with a background in technology, I am your Speaker. Sharing insightful, relevant and useful stories, I will WOW your audience with simple and effective strategies that will transform your bottom line. 

Charlie Whyman Expert Speaker Sales and Marketing Tech

Workshops & Training

Gain the capability and confidence to create meaningful change and a real impact to your sales and marketing activities. I offer a range of bespoke training and facilitated workshops that give your team the tools to really increase sales and revenue for your organisation. 

Charlie Whyman B2B Marketing Trainer and Consultant

Ongoing Momentum Building

Success from training doesn’t happen overnight and my goal is for you to get real results from our work together. This is why I offer ongoing momentum building sessions for your team so that I can support you on your journey to implement the tools and strategies I’ll give you in the workshops and training I deliver. 


Charlie Whyman Sales and Marketing Speaker for technology companies


Charlie Whyman, founder of Curious B2B Marketing is the creator of the OTTER marketing framework, helping businesses turn leads into sales with easy-to-apply systems and approaches.

Charlie is the host of The Curiosity Key Podcast and founder of The Curious Marketing Club for technology founders and marketers that want to get more sales and customers from their marketing efforts.

An engineer by background, Charlie discovered she had a talent for sales and marketing when selling her homegrown Sardinian olive oil on a Yorkshire market stall, selling lasers down one of the world’s deepest mines and moving rapidly from marketing assistant to Global Head of Sales and Marketing for a major player in the Geospatial sector.

Charlie is also an avid adventurer, cyclist and F1 fan

The OTTER Framework for B2B Marketing by Charlie Whyman

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