About Charlie

Charlie WhymanI feel that this is as good a place as ever to introduce myself – I’m Charlie Whyman and I’m a Business Development Strategist and Aspiring Speaker with a passion for Technical Innovation and Business as a force for good.
I believe that great businesses come from powerful networks built from authentic and strategic relationships.
I’ve built up a huge amount of experience working across over 10 different industries and sectors in various leadership roles and also as a Rowing and Olympic Weightlifting Coach. I’m now focussing all my energy and expertise into training and coaching business owners and founders and helping them grow their businesses.
As an aspiring athlete I also know that in order to achieve results you need a good coach to help you get there and I use both my commercial and sports coaching experience in my programmes, training and consulting work.
If you want to know more about me and my past experience then please have a look at my LinkedIn profile.


Here are a few fun facts about me:

When I was hit by a car and had to stop rowing myself I started coaching the mens Intermediate Squad and trained as a Level 2 Rowing coach

My first business was Palmavera Fine Foods - a company that imported speciality food from Sardinia

I've been running events for over 15 years now including trade shows, user conferences and workshops - getting a car onto a stand in Germany was a proud moment!

When I moved to Sardinia I ended up learning everything I could about Olive Oil - the oil I produced from my family's olive grove was so good it won a Great Taste Award 2 years running

Having been responsible for importing and exporting equipment around the world I gained a new appreciation for the shipping industry when I worked with Martek Marine

Demonstrating drones to clients and spending days outside was definitely a high-point when I worked in sales.

When the DfT gave the UK police forces funding to purchase LiDAR equipment, I helped them realise the benefits

I'm a really big outdoors person and love travelling and seeing the world - this is me on my way up to Everest Base camp

I adore technology and love inspiring more people to get involved in technical sales and marketing

I enjoy speaking at events about technology and am a contributor for the Women on The Web membership club which aims to help more women become technically empowered.

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