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How to move your business forward on LinkedIn in 2020

LinkedIn Events This is still in beta testing mode and not available to everyone The LinkedIn events feature allows you to set up an event on LinkedIn, share with your connections, and invite others. Anyone can join an event as an attendee so look out for invites...

Don’t think big this year – think SMALL instead

2020 - Let's get EXCITED about our Businesses!  Being in business for yourself is EXCITING or at least it should be - if it’s not exciting and full of opportunity then you may as well hang up your hat and go and get a job working for someone else....

B2B LinkedIn Prospecting Tips

B2B LinkedIn Prospecting Tips   Are you sick of your B2B prospecting messages consistently being ignored? Are you worried that your ideal clients may think of you as spammy or too salsey?  Would you prefer a more effective way of doing things that gets...