Hurray you’re in! 

Before you go – please double check your email for confirmation and if you don’t see it (and you’ve checked spam) please email me:

    Before the Challenge begins:

    Head into the LinkedIn Community Group and create a post to introduce yourself and take advantage of the networking opportunities available. 

    Use the 4 links above to access the challenge resources and if you use Messenger be sure to opt-in for updates from my messenger bot Otto! 


    During the Challenge:

    The challenge task will be posted into the group every morning from Monday-Friday. If you have questions please comment on the post containing the challenge.

    Join me every evening from 7pm (UK time) for a live Q&A session via Zoom where you’ll have your opportunity to ask me anything.

    Daily Worksheets – So that you get the most out of the challenge i’ll be providing a worksheet to go with each task. These will be sent out via email and available in the group.

    Prizes for Participation – You get results when you take action so there will be prizes for participation 

    I’m really excited to bring you 5-Days worth of value, support and excitement.

    Be sure to bring an open mind, your best energy and be open to lots of opportunities ahead.


    p.s – if you know anyone else that would benefit from being part of this challenge please forward them this link –>