Commercial Curiosity – Boost sales before year end

January 8, 2024
by Charlie Whyman

As we’re rapidly approaching the end of the year, I’m often asked by clients for ideas around how they can squeeze out a bit more revenue before the end of the year.

I’m also often presented by the perceived challenge that December is a quiet month, and no one is going to buy because they have other priorities.

I say it often and I’ll say it again – this is an ASSUMPTION and when we assume – we make an ASS out of U and ME 😅

One of my main goals in life is to stop people making assumptions and in this week’s email I’d love to give you some tools and strategies to debunk this assumption and make some last minute sales.

Sounds good?


🦦 Let’s Explore the Challenge

December is a challenging month for a lot of people – we can’t hide away from this. You’re dealing with conflicting priorities:

  • Trying to juggle personal and professional priorities.

  • Trying to achieve more in less time whilst still attending Christmas parties, kids’ nativity plays.

  • A lot of businesses and organisations work towards their financial year end which can distract them.

  • A lot of annual leave is taken and it’s a shorter month than most.

  • People can be harder to reach.

Yet with all these challenges lie opportunities and this is where it pays to get a bit creative.


🧠 A Question to help you move forwards

How can you reframe the challenge and turn it into an opportunity?

Here are some examples:

😥 Challenge: You’ve got a lot of prospects that are not responding to your follow-up activities and appear to be ignoring you

➡️ Opportunity: Instead of follow-up to talk about sales and promote your products and services, use the time as an opportunity to build relationships – talk about goals achieved this year, planned goals for next year, plans for Christmas etc… People don’t like to be sold to but they do like to share good news and talk about future plans.

😥 Challenge: It’s a shorter month so not as much time to hit your sales targets

➡️ Opportunity: Start booking in work for next year, use scarcity and waiting lists as a way to encourage people to sign contracts before the end of the year, pay deposits and make sure they don’t miss out or have to wait longer than they need to. If you’re planning on a price increase in 2024 then use this as a way to get current prospects across the line too.

😥 Challenge: Your LinkedIn posts or other social activity is not getting the same level of engagement

➡️ Opportunity: Use this time to really connect and engage with your target audience. Invest the time engaging with the content THEY are putting out, find out more about them and their behaviour. Post content that’s less promotional and more engaging – share lessons learned from 2023, share photos of the team at Christmas parties and events etc…


⚙️ ➡️ Next Steps

Work backwards, you’ve got less than 2 weeks left if you’re working up until Christmas so look at how much time you have and what you can realistically achieve between now and then.

Prioritise your time so you’re focussing on activities that will help you achieve your goals.


🥷🏻 Ninja Tip

If this is always a quieter time of year and you’re not desperate to get sales across the line, then use this time as an opportunity to review your overall commercial strategy. Look at what you’ve done this year – what’s worked well, what’s not worked and what you can learn from the experiences.

If you can, engage someone that can offer an external perspective (give me a shout as this is something I can help you with) and challenge your assumptions.

Look at your 2024 strategy and make sure it’s going to help you achieve your goals and help you move forwards with your business.

and if you REALLY want to level-up your Commercial Curiosity over the Christmas period – look out for my final email of the year next Tuesday 19th December which will give you some more great questions to increase your sales and impact through your marketing!

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