Commercial Curiosity – Brand Curiosity

January 8, 2024
by Charlie Whyman

We all want to get a return on investment from our marketing right?

and by investment I mean money, time and energy…

One of my biggest gripes with marketing is the obsession and focus on brand AWARENESS

In my experience – awareness is a cost rather than an investment and doesn’t cut the mustard in terms of generating an ROI

Here’s a little video with a tip on how to re-think brand awareness campaigns so that you can achieve a good ROI instead of relying on hope



🦦 Question of the Week

Where do I want my customers to go next once I have engaged their curiosity with this piece of marketing content?


🧠 Why this question is important

If you want to avoid wasting time and money on marketing then you need to guide your customers through a journey and show them where to go next in order to keep their curiosity alive and kicking. If you don’t show them where to go next you run the risk of losing their attention and never seeing or hearing from them again.


⚙️ How to implement

Think of your content as a means to generate curiosity and use supporting tools to turn that curiosity into Action.

If you’re using LinkedIn to publish content then tell people to ring the bell on your profile to get notified when you post new content. Set up a newsletter and invite your followers to subscribe so they get notified. Make your contact details clear on your profile so you are easy to reach.

If you’re sending your customers to your website you can start a newsletter and encourage people to subscribe to it. You could create landing pages and offer free guides and resources, invite visitors to join a webinar to find out more and get further help etc…


🥷🏻 Ninja Tip

If you’re asking your customers to do anything, tell them what to expect and what they are going to get from it. ‘Subscribe to my newsletter’ doesn’t inspire action whereas ‘Join my weekly newsletter where you’ll get tips and insights around how to get more sales from your marketing’ will. The more specific you can be the better!

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