Commercial Curiosity: Moving Towards v Away From

January 10, 2024
by Faj

Welcome to the first Commercial Curiosity email of 2024! I hope you’re as excited about this year as I am – there’s going to be lots of good stuff ahead of us.

Last year, I took the first week of the year off and loved it so much I said I’d do it again so I’m just getting back into the swing of things having spent a good week relaxing, reflecting and enjoying myself!

One of the things I reflected on was a game-changing shift in my thinking from 2023 and this was around the reasons behind my goals and objectives.

I’ve had a lot of success in the past and am grateful to have, so far lived a great life and achieved a lot in my career and business.

That being said, there’s a lot of stuff I could have done and haven’t because I’ve held myself back and last year, I decided to explore why this was.

What I came to realise was that a lot of my goals came from a desire to NOT be or do something instead of a desire to achieve something positive and amazing.

  • I wanted to be a speaker but to avoid ever being called a motivational speaker (weird because one of the things I enjoy the most is motivating people to do stuff)

  • I wanted to help businesses increase profits and sales by asking better questions and using systems and processes but didn’t want to be called a marketer or put in the same box as most of the marketers I saw in the industry.

I could go on….

This year I will be a:

  • speaker that motivates people whilst giving them useful takeaways that help drive profit, sales, impact and enjoyment.

  • Managing Director that grows an amazing business of amazing people and leads them towards achieving great things (more on this to come ☺️)

Enough about me – let’s dive into our first Question of the week for 2024 that will hopefully help you achieve amazing things this year and get more excited about your goals than you’ve ever been.


🦦 Question of the Week

Are you moving TOWARDS your goals and desires, or AWAY from what you don’t want?


🧠 Why This Question is Important

Understanding our motivations is key to achieving long-lasting success both in life and in business.

Are your goals driven by fear and a desire to avoid certain outcomes, or are they genuinely aligned with your aspirations? This distinction is more than just semantics. It’s about the underlying mindset that shapes our decisions, strategies, and ultimately, our results.


⚙️ How to Implement

  1. List Your Goals: Take some time to write down your personal and business goals.

  2. Analyse Your Motivation: Next to each goal, indicate whether it’s something you’re working towards (positive motivation) or something you’re trying to avoid or move away from (negative motivation).

  3. Reflect on the Implications: Consider how each type of motivation affects your approach to these goals. Are they leading you to growth and excitement or merely away from fears and discomforts?

  4. Adjust Your Goals Accordingly: Once you understand your motivations, you may want to adjust some of your goals. Ensure that they are not just about avoiding negative outcomes but also about achieving positive growth. Try to avoid having a list that’s heavily weighted towards the negative driver.


➡️ An example to illustrate what we’re talking about

Goal: Increase profitable sales in the business

Towards Approach (Positive Motivation):

  • Motivation: Driven by the desire to be better than you were last year and to impact more people with your products and services.

  • Example Approach: Actively seek to improve sales skills through advanced training, embracing innovative sales techniques, and setting challenging but achievable targets. This approach is fuelled by the aspiration to make a positive impact in the lives of your customers, increase your own performance and contribute significantly to the growth of the business.

Away From Approach (Negative Motivation):

  • Motivation: Driven by the fear of failing or inability to meet minimum standards.

  • Example Approach: Avoiding situations that might lead to low sales numbers, such as not venturing into new or challenging markets, or setting safe, low-risk sales objectives. This approach is often characterised by a focus on not failing rather than on achieving success, leading to a more conservative and potentially less rewarding commercial strategy.


🥷🏻 Ninja Tip

This exercise isn’t just about categorising goals; it’s about self-awareness and understanding your deeper drivers and adjusting your mindset and approach.

Sometimes, the most enlightening part of this exercise is realising that a goal driven by avoidance can be transformed into one that’s driven by aspiration. This shift can bring a new level of excitement and commitment to your objectives – thus leading to a more positive attitude towards accountability too! 😊

This change of thinking was a huge game changer for me, and I encourage you to at least give it some thought and give it a try. If you need any help with commercial objective setting (covering both sales and marketing objectives) please get in touch and reply to this email.

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