Commercial Curiosity – What You’re NOT Doing

January 8, 2024
by Charlie Whyman

How often do you go to conferences and events and return home with reams of notes and a long list of action points to add to your already overwhelming to do list?

I ask this question a lot in one of my keynote talks (which you can watch here if you’re interested) and it ALWAYS get’s a lot of heads nodding and a laugh.


Because we all do it and it happens all the time.

So how do you manage this so you’re not constantly feeling overwhelmed and also so you’re not hearing the same advice in different ways and adding the same action points to your to do list….

After researching this for some time I realised that the magic lies in what you’re not doing rather than looking at what you need to be doing.

So I thought this would be a good topic to explore in this week’s newsletter 😊


🦦 Let’s Explore the Challenge

In a nutshell, the challenge we all face is avoiding overwhelm when it comes to the commercial activities we need to focus on and making sure that the work we do is always helping the business grow and move forwards.

More often than not we all KNOW already what we need to do, the problem is – why are we not doing the things we need to do?

conferences and training sessions can add to your to do list and either lead to overwhelm or add to your overwhelm and this is something I work on with clients all the time in my keynote talks, workshops and coaching sessions.


🧠 A Couple of Questions to help you move forwards

1️⃣ The first key question to ask when reviewing your actions from a conference, event or even a training session is “which actions will help me achieve the commercial objectives of the business or help the business move forwards in some way?

Conferences and training sessions can be very inspiring and make you feel like you can take on the world. In the days following the event you will most likely be riding the wave of adrenaline and motivation resulting from that conference and if you’re not careful this can fizzle out leaving you flat and demotivated. If you focus on the tasks that will directly help you achieve your objectives you can always feel like you’re doing things to keep moving forwards.

2️⃣ Then ask yourself one of my favourite questions to ask in my coaching sessions is “what have you been avoiding in the past?”

This question really helps you highlight any tasks you have had in the past but been putting off and bring awareness to it. Sometimes it’s easy to understand and solve and other times it needs some deeper exploration. The magic lies in what you’ve NOT been doing and if you want to avoid going into the same cycle as before and giving yourself a hard time for not doing these things it’s worth exploring the reasons behind you not doing these things.

If you’re not trained in sales and marketing then commercial activities usually lie at the top of these ‘avoiding’ lists


⚙️ ➡️ Next Steps

Bookmark or save this email and revisit these tips as often as you need to. Don’t just look at this once and expect change to happen – these things can take time but here are 3 things you can do to accelerate that change.

1. Create an event in your diary at the end of your working week – make this non-negotiable and make it happen

2. At this time review what you’ve been working on that week, review what you’ve not done and highlight all actions that will help you achieve your commercial objectives – done or avoided.

3. Then make a priority list for next week that includes what you need to say YES to as well as the things you need to say NO to

🥷🏻Ninja Tip

Keep a log of your ‘I’m avoiding this’ list and review every 12 weeks to see if any trends or patterns emerge that you might not be aware of. If something keeps cropping up this could be a signal for you to ask for help

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