Episode 3: Setting up a CRM system on ‘one of those computer things’ to a mission to empower women in business with digital literacy skills 


Is a lack of “Digital Literacy” holding back the female entrepreneur?

Carol is an incredible woman on a mission – to empower women in business with digital literacy skills.

Carol has a fascinating past having unknowingly set up a CRM system on ‘one of those computer things’ before the internet was talked about and was hooked on digital technology since.

Women on the Web is a project that she founded as an affordable membership platform that brings together female contributors to share their skills in bitesized tutorials to give women in business the skills they need to succeed in today’s digital world.

I hope you enjoy this podcast episode and can learn a lot from Carol.

If you’d like to be one of the founding 500 members of Women on the Web and access free membership for life then head to www.womenontheweb.co.uk pronto and sign up before this opportunity disappears!

    Mentioned Links and References:

    Join Women on the Web Here (If you’re fast you could become a founding member and gain lifetime membership for free)

    Carol Verity Mann LinkedIn Profile

    White Paper: Is the lack of digital literacy holding back the female entrepreneur?

    We Get Digital Website 

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