Episode 5: How to launch a tech start up with a mission to change the world with no prior tech experience or know-how

“Surely there must be a way to automate the carbon reporting process so that we can spend more time taking action to reduce carbon emissions instead of playing with spreadsheets”

Will Richardson is a man on a mission with an incredibly curious mind and desire to change the way we do things. 

In this episode I talk to Will about his journey in launching a new tech start-up – compareyourfootprint.com with no prior tech or development experience. Will is the Director of Environmental Management Consultancy Green Element and wanted to discover a way to stop having to spend valuable time and money reporting on Carbon Emissions and instead free up their clients budget to make the important changes needed instead. 

The solution – a cloud-based software that can calculate your carbon emissions automatically!  

    Mentioned Links and References:

    The Green Element Sustainable Business Podcast

    Compare Your Footprint website and Carbon Footprinting Tool

    Green Element Website

    Facebook Group: Sustainable and Ethical Business Networking Group

    Will Richardson LinkedIn Profile

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