Episode 7: Interview with Iain Woodhouse, CEO and Founder of Carbomap and Professor of Applied Earth Observation


“On a mission to eradicate deforestation by 2030” 

Iain Woodhouse is a man on a mission and aims to eradicate deforestation entirely by 2030! This is his personal wish anyway!

He is a Professor of Applied Earth Observation at The University of Edinburgh and also the CEO and founder of Carbomap.

In this interview he talks about how Carbomap is using high-end laser scanning technology and drones to map forests to better understand the effects of climate change and deforestation.

He shares his advice on how to collaborations and partnerships to help you grow your business and also incorporate high-end technology into your start-up business. He shares lots of insights and lessons learned as well as sharing some great information about how laser scanning technology is being used in this way.


3 Key Takeaways:

  1. We lose a football size area of forest every 2 seconds around the world. It’s a growing challenge that we can’t ignore. 
  2. As companies get bigger they often become less innovative so when looking for partnerships and companies to collaborate with, make sure you don’t end up in lopsided conversations with open minded people that can’t make anything happen.
  3. Look at regional, national and international funding streams and opportunities to help you turn your idea into reality.

Mentioned Links and References:

Carbomap Website

Iain Woodhouse LinkedIn Profile 

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About CarboMap

Carbomap are forest mapping specialists. We apply state-of-the-art science to the problem of measuring and mapping the world’s forest carbon. Originally spinning out of the University of Edinburgh back in 2013, we took forward over five years of world-class research in the development of new forest mapping technologies and approaches. We have taken academic research and have been successfully applying it within a commercial context for 4 years to date.

Carbomap have an international reputation in remote sensing methodologies; lidar forest mapping, satellite radar mapping, and measuring forest structure, carbon sequestration, as well as managing airborne and UAV surveys. We are leading this emerging market, having worked with government agencies, NGO’s and research institutes. 

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