How to build a business without a website

By building relationships, authority & Leadership. 

One of the biggest challenges we face in business is finding new clients and making sure we have a constant stream of revenue coming in to cover our costs. 

Who has time to build a website whilst trying to do all of the above? 

In this webinar recording I’ll show you how you can implement the same strategies I use to build and grow my own business using your LinkedIn profile and some ninja networking skills.

I’ll show you what you need to do to:


FIND and ATTRACT your ideal clients


Develop strategic relationships that will really help you grow your business

Turn your connections into new clients, fans and advocates

You’re expecting a lengthy sales pitch now right?! 

Not quite, I’m in the middle of running my flag-ship 8 week LinkedIn Masterclass and this will re-launch in September. If you’d like to learn more about my 8-week coached programme then you can join my waiting list by clicking the button below. (P.S – This Masterclass is ONLY for you if you are really committed to growing your business and attracting high-value, absolute joy-to-work with clients.) 

Read what others have to say about Charlie’s training:

I recently enrolled on Charlie’s LinkedIn Masterclass, the purpose of which was to convert me from a total LI novice with very little idea of the various functions of the platform and convert me into a user with a full tool box of skills, knowledge and tips to work with. I can say that the result was a big success and I now have an additional and very powerful business tool at my fingertips. Rupert McGowan-Kemp

Director, Press Room Technologies

Charlie’s enthusiasm is infectious. She has a wealth of knowledge that she readily and generously shares.  Since I’ve worked with Charlie, I’ve published my first articles, discovered and connected with some really inspiring people, and feel more engaged that I have for a long time. Importantly, I’ve also landed paid work that is directly related to the re-focus I’ve been through. ROI? tick. Thank you Charlie. You’ve made a real difference. Shirley Wakelin

Director, Transition Leadership Coaching

Having finally realised that LinkedIn is absolutely crucial to find and connect with the influential people i want to work with, I also realised I needed to prioritise my time to learn how to use LinkedIn properly. I choose Charlie’s masterclass as she had a lot of practical experience working with highly technical companies, products and services. Her enthusiasm and relentless energy to get you going is infectious. I have made numerous crucial connections since the masterclass and more importantly secured one dream client. Dave Nyss

Director, Rise10

About Charlie

Hi there! I feel that this is as good a place as ever to introduce myself in case you don’t know me – I’m Charlie and I’ll be your host, trainer and facilitator for this workshop.

I’ve been training and coaching people for over 15 years now across over 10 different industries and sectors – I’m also a certified Rowing and Olympic Weightlifting Coach! but what has this got to do with LinkedIn I hear you wonder…

Well… I’ve been using LinkedIn for many years now to market and sell high-value technical equipment to international customers and since August 2017 I’ve been using it to grow my own business all without the use of a website. In January this year I launched an 8-week online LinkedIn Masterclass which is a fully coached and supported learning experience which teaches on and offline networking skills and key sales and marketing strategies. Basically, I’ve used my 7+ years in sales and marketing leadership roles to put together effective training and coaching programmes to help you grow your business!

I’m really excited about this workshop and have booked the beautiful Colwick Hall Hotel as the venue for the day. Experience is a really important value of mine and I want you to leave this workshop having had an amazing and memorable experience that you will benefit from.

If you want to know more about me and my experience then please have a look at my LinkedIn profile and stand-in website! I hope to see you on the workshop!



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