LinkedIn Accelerator Programme

A 12-week Business Development Programme for Business Owners and Consultants wanting to stand out from the crowd, attract more leads and win more business from LinkedIn.

Does this resonate with you?


Your business has been built off referrals and existing relationships and you want to find a way to find and attract new clients

You’re in a noisy marketplace and want to find a way to cut through the noise and stand out

You don’t like the hard-sell approach but recognise the need to be distinctive and persuasive

You have something of value to offer and genuinely want to make a difference for your clients

If so then the LinkedIn Business Accelerator will give you:


A repeatable PLAN to FIND and ATTRACT and FOLLOW-UP with your ideal clients using LinkedIn.


Focussed SUPPORT and GUIDANCE so that you know HOW to implement your plan and exactly WHAT you need to do.

ACCOUNTABILITY so that you put your plan into action and GET THE RESULTS you want and need.

Make your ideal customers CURIOUS and EXCITED about what your business can do for them.



This programme IS FOR you if:


Your reputation is important to you and you want to generate leads, sales and referrals authentically.


You want a clear and easy to follow process to help you use LinkedIn effectively to win new and recurring business.


You're willing to implement what you learn in order to get results and not afraid to ask for help and support.


You want to create a long-lasting network that you can win new business from.


This programme is NOT for you if:


You want someone to do it all for you


You're only interested in leads and statistics and not opportunities and relationships


You're not willing to give back in anyway and you think that it's all about you.


You're looking for a quick fix and not in it for the long-term.


How the programme works

Your Investment

£135 per week or a one-off payment of £1,500


Which includes:

  • 8 x online training modules with everything you need to find, attract and convert clients on LinkedIn
  • 6 x one-hour coaching and support sessions via Zoom for the group
  • 12 Months access to The Curious Marketing Club for ongoing support
  • CRM Dashboard on Trello to help you keep track of leads and opportunities
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t get results within 12 months

BONUS: Focussed Implementation Sessions

Do you struggle to make time to do an online course and get frustrated because you’re not getting the results you want? 

I KNOW this Accelerator will help you (and if you’re not sure just check out the testimonials below!) so I’ve added this special bonus in to give you that extra bit of help.

During the 12-week Accelerator you’ll have optional access to 6 x focussed implementation sessions for you to set-aside specific time blocks with no distractions to get stuff done. 

You’ll get so much from the programme and the online trainings – this is just a BONUS to give you a bit extra. 


Hear what existing clients have to say

Charlie’s LinkedIn course is amazing. No other way of saying it. Not just because of what she delivers but how she delivers it. She is absolutely 100% dedicated to helping out her clients get success on LinkedIn

Masten Gregory

LinkedIn is a minefield. I had no clue how to optimise my profile so that it remained authentic to me and to build a tribe of people around me based on meaningful connections where value was there for them and me. Enter stage right, Charlie, you rock!

Richard Tyler

6 stars out of 5 (you didn’t read that wrong, she’s that good!) I’ve looked at and worked with several Linkedin coaches/consultants/programs and Charlie is by far the best!!!.”

Howard Kaplan

Charlie’s approach is pragmatic and extends beyond Linkedin and gets you thinking more about business positioning and who your ideal customer is. After working with Charlie I landed a new £40k contract through adopting her strategies and methods.”

Chris Hallett

You have made such a difference to the way I do business and making the progress I want and I cannot thank you enough..”

Richard Glyn-Jones

Charlie has delivered some incredible LinkedIn Sessions for our tech startups in the incubation programmes – from which I have personally also benefited from a better linked in engagement as a result.

Patricia Keating

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that’s not covered here and you prefer to have a quick natter on the phone first – just book a call with me by clicking the button below.

How does the money back guarantee work?

I have absolute confidence that when you implement the teachings and follow the programme you’ll be able to win business from LinkedIn and get a return on your investment.

If after 12 months you’ve not won any new business as a result of doing this programme then I’ll give you a full refund. I will ask you to prove that you’ve done the work though because we all know you don’t get results by just watching training videos and reading books 😉

How long do I need to complete the programme?

Depending on your learning style and timeframe I’ve given you options to go at your own pace.

There are 8 x online training modules and each one will take around 60 minutes to watch. Each module is split into bite-size chunks so you can work through a bit a day, a module a week or binge-watch it all in one go.

Results come from implementation and that’s where the 6 x half-day implementation sessions come in.

Dedicated sessions for you to do the work and I’ll be on hand to answer any questions or support you during this time.  Ideally, you’ll have been through the online training programme before but you can use some of this time to catch up if you need to. 

The goal of the Accelerator is for you to be CONFIDENT using LinkedIn and for you to have established key habits that make it easy for you to be consistent long-term. Once you’ve put your foundations in place then you will only need 10-20 minutes per day (or longer if your sole-focus is business development) to get the results that you want. 

When are the implementation sessions held?

The 6 x half-day implementation sessions will be held every other Tuesday from 12:30 – 16:30 GMT

The sessions will be split into 25 minute and 55 minute ‘get stuff done’ blocks and there will be opportunities for you to ask me questions and get some support too.

Do I get any one-to-one support?

This is a group accelerator programme so support is held in a group environment.

If you have a question or would like feedback on something then you need to post it in the private members community or ask it during a group coaching session.

There will be a small amount of time for one-to-one support in breakout rooms during the implementation sessions though but this is limited. 

What If I can't make a live session?

The 6 x group coaching sessions will be recorded so you can catch up if you can’t make it live.

If you miss an implementation session then you will need to find some of your own time to implement.

Will you be running this programme again?

Marketing doesn’t generate instant results (It can do but in general it takes time to build momentum) so if now is not the right time – will there ever be a good time to do this? 

This programme will run again however it’s likely that the price will increase so if you want to access this course at this price then I encourage you to ask yourself what you need to do to give yourself time to focus on this.

Could you outsource something or delegate something that you don’t have to do yourself?

Is there a one-to-one version of this programme?

If you’d like to work with me on a one-to-one basis and get bespoke support based on your specific needs then I do offer individual programs.

Please book a call with me to discuss options but please note that your investment will be higher than what Is quoted here.

About Charlie


Hi there! I’m Charlie Whyman and my goal is to help you succeed and grow your business without the worry and stress about where your next customers are coming from.

I’m not a recruiter and I wouldn’t really call myself a marketer either despite having many years experience working in marketing. I don’t like to call myself a sales person either – I’ve been told I’m more of a strategist.

With a commercial background in over 10 different industries ranging from food, sports and healthcare to mining, surveying, maritime and engineering I’ve gained a great deal of experience over the years.

Working in both public and private sectors and for both large organisations and privately owned SME’s, I’ve been a key member of the leadership team so I get it – everything I teach and work on I’ve done before. I’ve tried it, tested it, failed at it and tried different ways of approaching it.

Think of me as your strategic partner and someone that’s got your back and here to help you succeed!


When good, then good

When you join the Accelerator, not only will you raise the profile and reputation of your business and start attracting your ideal clients, you’ll also be making the world a better place as a disadvantaged girl in Cambodia will gain access to education. 

I’ve aligned my business with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (Also known as SDG’s) and partnered with B1G1 so that I can really use my business as a force for good.

You’re going to get so much from this Accelerator it makes sense for someone else in the world to get something good as well!