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Build your authority, influence and reputation in your market

Win new business from LinkedIn and become well known for what you do in your industry.


Create a repeatable PLAN to FIND and ATTRACT your ideal clients using LinkedIn.


Discover how to effectively COMMUNICATE with the RIGHT people for your business so that you can win more business.


CONVERT your CONNECTIONS into CUSTOMERS without using sleezy sales tactics and follow-up with CONFIDENCE.


Even if you don’t know WHO your ideal customers are yet or you’re not quite sure how to make your business stand out in the market.

This programme IS FOR you if:


Your reputation is important to you and you want to generate leads, sales and referrals authentically.


You want a clear and easy to follow process to help you use LinkedIn effectively to win new and recurring business.


You're willing to implement what you learn in order to get results and not afraid to ask for help and support.


You want to create a long-lasting network that you can win new business from.


This programme is NOT for you if:


You want someone to do it all for you


You're only interested in leads and statistics and not opportunities and relationships


You're not willing to give back in anyway and you think that it's all about you.


You're looking for a quick fix and not in it for the long-term.


Make your ideal customers as excited about your business, products and services as you are!

Here’s what you’ll get:

8-Weeks of Coaching, Support and Accountability

Imagine what you can accomplish in 8 weeks when you have someone that’s got your back and there to support you?

This Accelerator has been designed to give you everything you need over an 8-week period to discover what it takes to win business from LinkedIn and grow your brand. You’ll get 8 x weeks of dedicated training, coaching and accountability so that you’re not just learning what it takes to win new business from LinkedIn – you’ll actually be doing it yourself! 

With a weekly group coaching call you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, get support on your specific challenges and opportunities and also gain support from other members of the Accelerator too! 

12 Months of up to date LinkedIn training and on-going support

Think you might need some support after the 8-week period is over or worried that LinkedIn will change some key features 3 months down the line? I’ve got your back and with this programme you’ll have 12 months access to the LinkedIn Learning Lab which will be updated when new features are released. You’ll also have access to a private members community on LinkedIn where you can still ask questions and get support. 

So if you decide to launch a new product/service in a few months time and need some advice then I’ll still be here for you!

Lifetime Access to 8 x Online Training Modules

There’s more to LinkedIn than just lead generation and this programme will give you everything you need to find, attract, convert and delight your ideal clients.

8 x online modules that you can work through in your own time split into manageable bite-sized learning that will give you the tools and processes you need to win business from LinkedIn and grow your online influence and reputation.

  • Develop a plan to achieve your goals and confidence to execute it
  • Understand what motivates your ideal audience and what makes them tick so that you can create effective content and know exactly who you’re targeting.
  • You’ll have an optimised profile you’re proud of that will create leads, enquiries and opportunities.
  • Develop confidence to start effective conversations with your target market so you can convert leads & opportunities.
  • Build your online reputation by standing out in the eyes of your ideal audience for what you want to be KNOWN and REMEMBERED for.
  • Create content that starts conversations and helps you build your online reputation
  • Confidently convert prospects you meet at events and networking meetings FASTER using LinkedIn.
  • Implement effective sales follow-up techniques that don’t make you feel icky or pushy – start closing deals faster!

You're own Sales Dashboard on Trello

No CRM System? Don’t worry!

CRM systems are fantastic tools however can be quite pricey and not always required. When I had to work without a CRM system two years ago I developed my own system and process to manage my leads and opportunities and not let anything slip through the cracks. You’ll get access to your very own Sales Dashboard on Trello and I’ll give you training on how to use it!

BONUS: Product Launch Workshop

Do you have a new product/service or new business to launch? If so this workshop is for you! 

I’ll show you exactly what I did to launch a new product that I couldn’t even talk about on LinkedIn that generated over 50 B2B leads and a 12.5M sales pipeline with NO paid advertising. 

You’ll discover how to get your message out into the world, build brand awareness and make your ideal clients as excited about what you have to offer as you are!

BONUS: LinkedIn Company Page Masterclass

Did you know that every time someone sends you a connection request, LinkedIn will prompt them to follow or look at your Company Page? Having a Company Page that isn’t well optimised can be just as bad if not worse than not having one at all…

Discover how to create an optimised LinkedIn Page for your business and how to spend your time effectively to make it work for you. A LinkedIn Company Page will drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, help with employee advocacy and engagement and help you attract more high profile clients.

BONUS: Lead Magnet* & List Building Masterclass

Nurture and Engage with the people in your market that are interested in what you have to offer but not yet ready to buy so that you can better sell and better serve them.

Building a strong and engaged network on LinkedIn is a successful way to find, attract and convert new clients however if you’re in business for the long term you will also benefit from growing an engaged email list as well. During this Masterclass you’ll discover what type of lead magnet is right for your business, how to attract email subscribers, what to do with them once you have them and how to convert them into customers. 

You’ll also learn how to use LinkedIn to attract email subscribers without being spammy.

*A Lead magnet is a free offer/incentive you put in front of your target customers that they can access in return for an email address and/or phone number.

Read what others have to say about the Accelerator:

6 stars out of 5 (you didn’t read that wrong, she’s that good!)

I’ve looked at and worked with several Linkedin coaches/consultants/programs and Charlie is by far the best!!

Howard Kaplan, Harvard MBA, CPA/PFS

CEO, Former VP of Membership, Harvard Business School Club Of New York City , Wealth Renewal Advisors

Charlie walked us through a transformational process, step by step. Sometime the questions, and feedback, was tough to hear. I needed it. Charlie’s enthusiasm is infectious. She has a wealth of knowledge that she readily and generously shares it.

Shirley Wakelin

Director, Transition Leadership Coaching

I have made numerous crucial connections since the masterclass and more importantly secured one dream client.

Dave Nyss

Founder, Real Learning

Here’s what you’ll GIVE as a result of joining the Acclerator:

I’ve aligned my business with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as my mission is to use Business as a real force for good. 

So when you join the Accelerator, not only will you raise the profile and reputation of your business and start attracting your ideal clients, you’ll also be making the world a better place as a disadvantaged girl in Cambodia will gain access to education for a month. 


What’s the Investment? 


This accelerator will be an investment for yourself and for your business and I encourage you to think about what return you would like to gain from it!  


What would one new ideal client be worth to you?

and what if you could apply the process again and again to attract and covert more as a result of this programme?

What could happen when your audience sees YOU as that expert and authority?

…attract other opportunities from the media, future partners, collaborators, investors and more…

How will you feel when you have a system that works to attract new clients?

and how much time will this give you back to focus on more of the things you love?

How much of a return would a network FULL of referral partners and advocates give you?

If you’re already getting word of mouth opportunities – imagine if you could attract more?

About Charlie

Hi there! I’m Charlie Whyman and my goal is to help you succeed and grow your business without the worry and stress about where your next customers are coming from.

I’m not a recruiter and I wouldn’t really call myself a marketer either despite having many years experience working in marketing. I don’t like to call myself a sales person either – I’ve been told I’m more of a strategist.

With a commercial background in over 10 different industries ranging from food, sports and healthcare to mining, surveying, maritime and engineering I’ve gained a great deal of experience over the years.

Working in both public and private sectors and for both large organisations and privately owned SME’s, I’ve been a key member of the leadership team so I get it – everything I teach and work on I’ve done before. I’ve tried it, tested it, failed at it and tried different ways of approaching it.

Think of me as your strategic partner and someone that’s got your back and here to help you succeed!