LinkedIn Live Online Workshop

Discover how to create effective content on the go that will attract your ideal clients and take only a few minutes per day.

I’ll show you the exact steps I use every day to create content for LinkedIn that starts conversations which turn into real business. 

Monday 17th December

3:30pm GMT / 9:30 CT / 10:30 ET

Online Workshop

LIVE Workshop plus recordings

What to expect from the workshop:

A one-page plan to keep you on-track – during the workshop we’ll map our your strategy on one pae so you have something to reference so your content remains focussed and on-track.

Struggling for time 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much time do I need to complete the challenge?

The challenge will start and finish with a live webinar. The purpose of these is to set you up for continued success and to give you the opportunity to get your questions answered and to learn from others as well. The webinars will be 30 minutes in length with an extra 30 minutes available for Q&A if you want.

Monday-Friday you will receive a daily task which will take no longer than 20 minutes.

How will the challenge be delivered?

You’ll get a daily email with all the info and challenge tasks PLUS access to a private members community as a LinkedIn Group.

If you want to achieve success on LinkedIn then you need to be using LinkedIn regularly – you will get better results if you use the LinkedIn group as well as benefitting from learning about LinkedIn Groups too!

I’ll also be available every day inside the LinkedIn group to offer support, encouragement and feedback during the week.

What do I need to complete the challenge?

You’ll need access to the internet every day as well as an existing LinkedIn account and profile. I also recommend you have the LinkedIn mobile app installed on your phone too (if you’ve not done this yet and don’t know what to do then don’t worry as I’ll explain how in the group)

Allow around 20 minutes per day for the challenge if possible – you can do it in less however you might not get the results you want.

Who's this challenge aimed at?

If you want to generate more leads, sales and referrals for your business or organisation then this challenge is for you.

Even if you’re new to using LinkedIn for lead generation or if you’ve had a profile for years and not done anything with it yet. It doesn’t matter if you struggle writing content or have a small network – this challenge is all about helping you increase the engagement you get with your network – you might even find you grow your network in the process!

If you’re already using LinkedIn and getting results then you’re welcome to join the challenge as you never know you might learn something new 🙂

About Charlie

Hi there! I’m Charlie Whyman and I’m the person responsible for this challenge. My goal is to help you succeed and grow your business and as I’ve got first hand experience of using LinkedIn to generate leads and opportunities for my own business and for the businesses I’ve worked for in the past I thought I’d share some of my experience with you in this challenge.

I’m not a recruiter and I wouldn’t really call myself a marketer either despite having many years experience working in marketing. I don’t like to call myself a sales person either – I’ve been told I’m more of a strategist.

With a commercial background in over 10 different industries ranging from food, sports and healthcare to mining, surveying, maritime and engineering I’ve gained a great deal of experience over the years.

Working in both public and private sectors and for both large organisations and privately owned SME’s, I’ve been a key member of the leadership team so I get it – everything I teach and work on I’ve done before. I’ve tried it, tested it, failed at it and tried different ways of approaching it.

Think of me as your strategic partner and someone that’s got your back and here to help you succeed!