You didn’t start your business to become a great marketer….

but you do need to know WHAT to do and HOW to do it that’s in-line with you and your business

The Curious Marketing Club is a virtual peer-led community and learning hub aimed at people that aren’t keen on marketing but know they have to do it.

A few things you can expect to gain from being a member of the club:

  • Never feel stuck, alone or confused with your marketing again
  • Want to know how to do something? – ask and we’ll show you
  • Ask for input, feedback and/or support whenever you need it – we’ve got your back! 
  • Curious to find a tool that will give you some time back – we’ve tested loads we can share with you!
  • Need some help focussing on a project or task? – our weekly accountability posts are there to help you stay on-track
  • Ready to outsource some of your marketing or get help from an expert? We can introduce you to some trusted agencies/freelancers


Founding Member

Annual Price (40% SAVING)
£250/per year
  • Access to private members community
  • Monthly Marketing Training Webinar
  • Monthly Group Coaching/Q&A
  • Guest speaker sessions and Q&A
  • Network Introductory Service & Matchmaking
  • BONUS: Access to Getting Started on LinkedIn online course (Worth £149)
  • 1 user license
  • Join as a Founding Member Here

If you’ve ever wondered ‘i wish I had someone to bounce this off of’

then The Curious Marketing Club is here to help you get answers, input and feedback.

Access a diverse community of people with different backgrounds, experience and thinking so that you will never have to ask yourself this question again.


Community and Network have never been so important, especially at times like these – You will love the Curious Marketing Club if:


You're a consultant, small business or one-person marketing team targeting other businesses


You value relationships and results over statistics and pushy sales tactics


You're open to new ideas and learning from other industries and individuals


You have an open mind and enjoy asking questions that will help you grow both personally and professionally


You have a wealth of skills, knowledge and expertise and want to leverage these assets in your marketing without it taking up a huge amount of your time

If you’re looking for:

  • Guidance around what will work for your business because you know there is no one-size-fits-all solution 
  • Advice on current marketing tools and platforms so you can save time and market effectively
  • Input and feedback on your own marketing
  • A peer-led community that gives you support and access to diverse thinking and the ability to help others too
  • Training and guidance around how to do things (such as write engaging content, get in front of decision makers, getting to the sales stage without being pushy)
  • Structured discussions around specific topics such as Networking, Content Creation, Sales etc)
  • Access to great freelancers and consultants that can help you implement and manage things such as Virtual Assistants, Copywriters, Ads managers etc)

and you’re:

  • Driven by quality over quantity
  • Experienced and knowledgeable and want to grow your business ethically and sustainably (you’re not looking to just make a quick £££)
  • Forward thinking and interested in growing both professionally and personally
  • Keen to accept AND give support within the community

There are a million people telling you what you should be doing to market your business but no one showing you how to do it or what to specicially focus on that works both for and around YOU.

What you’ll get when you join The Curious Marketing Club:

Monthly Marketing Training Webinar

Focus your marketing efforts and develop your skills around one thing at a time with a highly targeted and specific virtual marketing workshop.

Implementation Challenges

Beat procrastination and implement learning one step at a time with interactive challenge-based activities you can work on in your own time.

Private Members Community & Hub

Interact, engage and collaborate with other members of the club in a private and supportive environment. (This is NOT a Facebook or LinkedIn group but a private app available on desktop and mobile)

Live Curious Conversations and Q&A Sessions

Access help and support with your marketing efforts in a monthly Q&A and How To session. 

Guest Speaker Sessions with Q&A

Learn from the experts with guest speaker sessions. Each session will be recorded and available on-demand.

Network Introductory & Matchmaking Service

If you’re looking for a specific freelancer/agency or if you’re looking for someone to collaborate with or partner with then we can help with one-to-one introductions.

Get EXCITED about marketing your business. Start working with your best clients and STOP wasting precious time and money on ineffective sales and marketing strategies. 

A brief story about The Curious B2B Marketing Club

In 2006, Charlie, an engineer-in-the-making decided to leave university to be curious about what else was out there in the world. Following a year working in a customer service role, Charlie moved to Sardinia and started her first business – making and selling Olive Oil and Artisan Foods. She soon realised that customers in the UK didn’t respond well to the low acidy levels of the olive oil or the methods used to harvest, press and bottle the oil – they were however more interested in its taste and how it made them feel…. 

Fast Forward a few years, a few failures and many lessons learned Charlie discovered marketing was much more than simply talking about how good products and services were and instead it was all about helping the right people find the right solutions to their problems and in a language that the customer talked in – not the supplier.

As a one-person marketing team who then went on to lead bigger teams Charlie noticed that there was a distinct lack of help out there for small companies and individuals in the B2B space – everything was either focussed around B2C marketing or aimed at large organisations with big budgets and lots of time. 

B2B Marketing is traditionally seen to be dull, boring and overly promotional and it doesn’t need to be and you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops or work in marketing specific roles to realise it. There are so many ways to breathe life and excitement into B2B marketing and make it more human. 

As a result the idea to form The Curious B2B Marketing Club came about, a safe and supportive space to promote a more human and exciting approach to B2B marketing that didn’t require huge budgets and life outside of work to achieve. 

Our values are Curiosity, Forward Thinking, Adventure, Excitement, Challenge, Connection, Support and Commitment and we promote this in everything we do. 

Read what others have to say about working with Charlie:

6 stars out of 5 (you didn’t read that wrong, she’s that good!)

I’ve looked at and worked with several Linkedin coaches/consultants/programs and Charlie is by far the best!!

Howard Kaplan, Harvard MBA, CPA/PFS

CEO, Former VP of Membership, Harvard Business School Club Of New York City , Wealth Renewal Advisors

Charlie’s LinkedIn course is amazing. No other way of saying it. Not just because of what she delivers but how she delivers it. She is absolutely 100% dedicated to helping out her clients get success on LinkedIn. Masten Gregory

Director, Finess Websites - High Converting Websites

Charlie’s approach is pragmatic and extends beyond Linkedin and gets you thinking more about business positioning and who your ideal customer is. After working with Charlie I landed a new £40k contract through adopting her strategies and methods. Chris Hallett

Director, Harper Hallett Consulting

Charlie walked us through a transformational process, step by step. Sometime the questions, and feedback, was tough to hear. I needed it. Charlie’s enthusiasm is infectious. She has a wealth of knowledge that she readily and generously shares it. Shirley Wakelin

Director, Transition Leadership Coaching

This course and some direct mentoring from Charlie has made such a difference to my business and I am looking forward to reaping more rewards from it as time goes on.
Charlie has made such a difference to the way I do business and making the progress I want and I cannot thank her enough. Richard Glyn-Jones

Director, DTSI Group

I have made numerous crucial connections since the masterclass and more importantly secured one dream client. Dave Nyss

Founder, Real Learning

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this club aimed at?
The club is aimed at businesses and individuals responsible for marketing and generating leads and sales. The focus of the club is B2B (Business to Business) Marketing and not B2C (Business to Consumer) 
How long does the membership last for?
This club comes with no contract so if at any point you decide that it’s not for you, you can cancel your membership. As soon as you cancel your membership no further payments will be made. 

Please note that if you joined at the special founding member rate and decide to re-join at a later date you will have to rejoin at the current rate. 

If you want to cancel your membership please email 

I'm looking for someone to do my marketing for me - does the club offer this service?
The purpose of the club is to empower, inspire and equip you to take control of your own marketing – we will not do it for you. 

We do offer an introductions service for members so if you’re looking for someone to work with you such as a Virtual Assistant (VA), Content Writer, Full-Service Marketing Agency or other then we can make an introduction for you.

Over time we will also be including resources to help you outsource areas of your marketing to others however we do not encourage you to completetely let go of your marketing. 

I've only just started my business - is this club for me?
Yes, absolutely! You’ll join a supportive and encouraging community when you become a member and there will be plenty of resources to help you get started. 
You're a LinkedIn specialist - is this club only focussed on using LinkedIn as a marketing platform?
As part of your membership you’ll gain access to training workshops on how to use LinkedIn however this is not the sole focus of the club.

LinkedIn is a hugely valuable tool which is accessible to everyone and we highly encourage you to be using it for your business.

The goal of the club is to share proven marketing strategies, tactics, tools and examples so you can take what appeals to you and apply it in your business.

Not every marketing strategy and tactic will work for you or be the best focus for your time and we’ll help point you in the right direction so you can work on something in line with your goals and priorities. 

How does the introductions service work?
Contact us directly (contact form coming soon) with who you’d like us to introduce you to and the outcomes you want to deliver and we’ll try our best to put you in touch with the right person.

Twice a month there will be a focus on introductions and active networking to help you meet others within the group – we encourage partnering up with and collaborating with others as a means of marketing and we will do our best to facilitate this. 

This club is aligned with B1G1 Business Giving and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

For every new member that joins the club, a disadvantaged girl gains access to education and for every member that renews their membership a child will gain access to e-education that needs it.