Virtual community and learning hub that will give you the confidence, clarity and skills to market B2B.

  • Never feel stuck, alone or confused with your marketing again
  • Want to know how to do something? – ask and we’ll show you
  • Ask for input, feedback and/or support whenever you need it – we’ve got your back! 
  • Curious to find a tool that will give you some time back – we’ve tested loads we can share with you!
  • Need some help focussing on a project or task? – our weekly accountability posts are there to help you stay on-track
  • Ready to outsource some of your marketing or get help from an expert? We can introduce you to some trusted agencies/freelancers


Have you ever wondered ‘I wish I had someone to bounce this off of’

Access a diverse community of people with different backgrounds, experience, and thinking so that you will never have to wonder this again

Have you ever stared blankly at a marketing task wondering where to start or what to do next?

We’re here to help you create a plan so that you can focus your time, energy and budget and have people to go to when you need help.


What you’ll get when you join The Curious Marketing Club:

Monthly Marketing Training Webinar

Focus your marketing efforts and develop your skills around one thing at a time with a highly targeted and specific virtual marketing workshop.

Implementation Challenges

Beat procrastination and implement learning one step at a time with interactive challenge-based activities you can work on in your own time.

Private Members Community & Hub

Interact, engage and collaborate with other members of the club in a private and supportive environment. (This is NOT a Facebook or LinkedIn group but a private app available on desktop and mobile)

Live Curious Conversations and Q&A Sessions

Access help and support with your marketing efforts in a monthly Q&A and How To session. 

Guest Speaker Sessions with Q&A

Learn from the experts with guest speaker sessions. Each session will be recorded and available on-demand.

Network Introductory & Matchmaking Service

If you’re looking for a specific freelancer/agency or if you’re looking for someone to collaborate with or partner with then we can help with one-to-one introductions.

What’s the investment?


per month


save 23% per year

This club is aligned with B1G1 Business Giving and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

For every new member that joins the club, a disadvantaged girl gains access to education and for every member that renews their membership a child will gain access to e-education that needs it.

Client Testimonials

I’ve finally started to take marketing seriously instead of drifting along from week to week and month to month

You have made such a difference to the way I do business and making the progress I want and I cannot thank you enough..”

“The Curious Marketing Club is a wonderful, supportive community and that I have gained a lot from being part of it

How important is marketing for your business? Do you recognise you’d benefit from doing more of it? Would you value connecting with a community where you can get more insight into how to develop your marketing capabilities? If the answer is yes, yes, yes, join the CMC

There’s something special in Charlie’s approach and thought process that reached in and stimulated my understanding.  So much of this stuff is common sense and just requires the wisdom of Charlie’s magic touch to be released.

 “Do you have support within your company? Do you want external support and marketing training to help expand your knowledge outside of your department? You’ll learn both basic marketing principles but also useful tactics and tools to help you achieve your goals

The more EXCITED you can be about your marketing, the more EXCITED your ideal clients will be at the prospect of working with you!

The Curious Marketing Club Background and Founder – Charlie Whyman

The Curious Marketing Club was launched in response to 3 recurring problems businesses have when it comes to doing their own marketing:

A significant amount of time is wasted because of procrastination

Most businesses don’t have a marketing plan

The person responsible for marketing (more often than not the owner/founder was overwhelmed with the number of options available

We all have a responsibility to market our business so that we can survive, thrive and grow yet we didn’t start our careers to be great marketers.

I (Charlie Whyman)  started my career in engineering yet ended up with the responsibility of marketing.

It was HARD – Marketing Agencies took advantage of my lack of marketing knowledge and experience and I have been ripped off more times than I’d like to admit. With a bit of help from others I managed to figure it out and ended up not only getting great results from my marketing efforts and generating millions of pounds worth of sales for the companies I worked for but also found a way to make it FUN and EXCITING! (Yes it is possible)

The Curious Marketing Club has been developed for YOU – the owner, the founder, the Business Development Manager and the unsuspecting person that ended up with marketing in their job role.

It’s a safe space to learn, network with others and discover not only where to focus your time, energy and budget but also HOW to do it.

I’m here to support you on your journey and to help make marketing more fun and exciting for you! 

See you in the club!