To make smarter decisions that increase sales and revenue:

use The Otter framework

The OTTER Framework Diagram

The OTTER Framework allows you to:

  • Increase sales and profit from your marketing efforts
  • Communicate marketing activity more effectively with the board and other teams
  • Reduce overwhelm in the marketing team
  • Make more informed marketing decisions that align with the overall business objectives
  • Create highly effective marketing plans and marketing campaign plans that deliver real results 

Common challenges that using the otter framework will help you overcome:

not enough strategic thinking skills in the marketing team

You’ve got great people that can implement marketing tasks and you’d like them to think more strategically and creatively.  OTTER gives your team both the skills and confidence to be more proactive and commercially focussed. 

you know your marketing could be more effective

Your team have been stuck in the weeds for too long and need an external perspective and new way of thinking to increase the results from what you’re getting. OTTER helps them question and explore what they are doing, look for opportunities to learn and improve and be more strategic.

your team are showing signs of overwhelm

To Do lists are getting longer and the team are losing sight on what’s important because there is so much to do. Activity isn’t as focussed as it could be and the team aren’t as engaged with what they are working on.  When you use OTTER everyone knows what they need to focus on and has a clear plan of action.

NOt everyone believes in marketing

There’s frustration from within as not everyone understands why the marketing team are doing what they are doing or values the activity generated. Either way there’s a misalignment in the company and you want to get everyone on-board and engaged with the marketing plan. OTTER enables your team to communicate the strategic value of what they are doing instead of the stuff only marketers care about.

If you want to increase sales, attract more customers and market smarter then you can start using the OTTER Framework in the following ways:

Charlie Whyman Specialist Speaker in Sales and Marketing for Technology Companies

Hire me to speak at your event

If you’re running an event, either virtually, or in-person and want to inspire and motivate your team to make better marketing decisions then you can hire me as your keynote speaker. Sessions are practical and I always give each audience key actions to take-away and implement so that they leave knowing they have invested their time well. 

Charlie Whyman Expert Speaker Sales and Marketing Tech

Book a Training Workshop for your team

Training can be delivered both virtually and in-person and is highly interactive to help your team get the most out of the training. At the end of the training workshop your team will leave with a clear plan of action that they are motivated by and excited to implement. 

Charlie Whyman B2B Marketing Trainer and Consultant

12-Week Momentum Building Sprints

The OTTER Framework is designed to be used every 12-weeks so I offer 12-week momentum building sprints to help your team implement what they have learned, ask questions, discuss challenges and bottlenecks and get real results from their efforts. 

Charlie Whyman Marketing Speaker


The pressure to deliver effective marketing in businesses is HUGE and marketers are expected to think strategically, put together a plan that works and then deliver on that plan – often with limited resources and limited support. The challenge is that not all marketers are strategic thinkers and not all marketers have enough experience to both create a plan and deliver it. 

The pressure on business founders and the technical team is also HUGE because they are expected to be the subject matter experts and give time and support to the marketing team so that they can be effective. 

I went into my first marketing role with a background in engineering and business management and not a huge amount of marketing know-how. I was under a lot of pressure from the leadership team to deliver results on a tight budget whilst also trying to convince the rest of the company that marketing was not just about creating brochures and posting pictures on the internet. 

Over the years I treated marketing like a problem to be solved and after numerous ‘marketing injuries’ and lots of lessons learned I came up with the OTTER Framework.

Leaders love it because it aligns marketing activity with the commercial goals of the business. Marketers love it because it helps them create a simple plan that other teams can get behind and sales teams love it because it helps them deliver more sales and attract more customers. 


The OTTER Framework for B2B Marketing by Charlie Whyman

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