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If you want to make your business become more visible, stand out above the competition and attract more of your ideal clients – and leverage the power of linkedin to do it then let’s talk!


Building a personal brand and becoming more visible on LinkedIn will be one of the best investments you can make in 2019 and beyond.

Are you tired of wondering where your next clients are going to come from or how to get a return from your time and money spent networking, going to trade shows and other events?

Start networking with intent and purpose, communicate effectively and make your ideal clients stand up and take notice! 

I work with Business Owners and Consultants that sell high-value products and services with strong purpose to change the world, how we do things and/or help others achieve great things.


Even if you’ve got an idea for a business or you’re looking to launch a new product/service (as I’ve lots of experience in this area!)

See below for the three different ways we can work together:

One-to-One Training, Coaching and Support

I’ll help you develop an effective strategy to find, attract and communicate with your ideal clients using LinkedIn as the main tool to work (Before you ask no you don’t need LinkedIn Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Premium for this to work!)


What to expect:

  • A simple strategy on how to find and attract your ideal clients
  • A repeatable process you can use and implement every day
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Support and Guidance
  • A ‘loving boot’ to challenge assumptions and help you be as effective and as efficient as you can be
  • Effective marketing tactics you can use in the background ideally suited to your target market.

Group Training, Coaching and Support

I host an 8-week Group Learning Experience called the Level-up your Business with LinkedIn Programme. It’s a group training programme that brings together Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Consultants with a common goal – to increase their visibility online and start growing their business using LinkedIn. 


What to expect:

  • 8 x online training modules that will teach you the strategies and tactics you need to effectively grow your business using LinkedIn.
  • A library of training videos showing you exactly what you need to do on LinkedIn (this is regularly updated as the platform evolves) 
  • 8 x 60 minute group coaching sessions. 1 x per week held using Zoom Meeting. 
  • A private online members community for additional support and guidance. 

If you’re interested in joining the next Masterclass click the button below to find out more, or join the waiting list. 

Bespoke Workshops and Training

Every employee should have the right to grow and develop their own personal brand both on and offline and especially on LinkedIn if you’d like to reap the benefits as a business. I run bespoke LinkedIn workshops that will train and empower your team to effectively use LinkedIn using their own personal profile that will benefit your employee AND your business. 

You don’t monitor what your team say to clients over the phone or at networking events so why should you monitor and limit what they can say and do on LinkedIn?! 

I’ve been very fortunate to work with forward-thinking employers over the years and it’s because of LinkedIn that I moved from a Marketing Assistant to the Global Head of Sales and Marketing and the companies best sales person in less than 3 years – I teach the same strategies I used back then that still work today! 


What to expect:

  • One full day training workshop that’s tailored to your business and market
  • Specific training about LinkedIn Profile Optimisation and how your staff can use their personal profiles in conjunction with your company page and business profile. 
  • Key strategies your team can use to increase the effectiveness of relationship building at networking meetings and other events. 
  • Prospecting and follow-up techniques that will increase your sales conversions.
  • A focus on content – what to post and what not to post and how to engage with your network for more effective relationship building. 
  • Individual workbooks and action plans for your team
  • A 60 minute follow-up call to check on progress and answer any queries arising after the workshop is over. 



  • A confident and empowered team that know how to utilise LinkedIn to make your business more visible and attract more leads, sales and referrals. 
  • Clear guidelines on best practice and brand management on LinkedIn.
  • Peace of mind that your team are working for you and not against you (or just spending time looking for new jobs!)
  • Increased trust and credibility in your market
  • Make the hiring process easier as it’s highly likely more people will want to work for you as a result. 
  • More leads, sales and referrals for your business! 

Keen to learn more?

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